Morvan 2021

A dataset from a 3-year network of field measurements of soil organic nitrogen mineralization under a mild oceanic temperate climate

Morvan T., Lambert Y., Germain P., Beff L., 2021, Data in Brief

Improved assessment and prediction of soil organic nitrogen (SON) mineralization is essential, as it contributes significantly to the nitrogen (N) nutrition of crops and remains a major economic and environmental challenge. SON mineralization is a function of soil properties, land use and climate, which led us to monitor a network of 137 cultivated fields covering the wide diversity of soils, crop rotations and cropping practices throughout Brittany (France). SON mineralization was quantified by the mineral N balance calculated for a maize crop not fertilized with N; it was determined by measuring soil mineral N (SMN) in the 0-90 cm soil profile in March (Ni) and October (Nf) and N uptake by the maize crop, and predicting nitrate leaching (N-leached) using the STICS model. SMN and plant N uptake were measured in triplicate. To predict N-leached , STICS was initialized at the date of Ni measurement. In addition, the experimental design was based on estimating SON for three consecutive years (2012-2014) to improve the accuracy of measuring mineralization. An indicator of the cropping system (I_Sys) was developed that integrated well the effects of crop rotation and the frequency of manure application; it can be considered a good index of effects of the cropping system on SON mineralization. This dataset may be used for a variety of applications, such as analysing effects of soil properties, cropping history and climatic conditions on SON mineralization, or evaluating the accuracy of soil-plant models (e.g. STICS, CERES).

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